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Who are we?

At our dog training company, we deeply understand the demands and busyness of family life, especially when you have children and dogs together. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate and manage the beautiful chaos that comes with such a dynamic.

As experienced trainers our life-long passion for dogs and training has only been matched by our newfound love in working with families one on one. While we excel at teaching basic commands and tricks, our true passion is in teaching you how to connect with your dog with a deeper understanding.

Our mission is to enhance and strengthen your bond between your family and your furry companion. We are here to make your life easier and your dogs life better! Lets start this journey together, using positive reinforcement training methods that foster lasting connections.

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But.. Who are we

Elysia Ostrander

Elysia Ostrander

Elysia is a mother of two children who understands the challenges of having kids and dogs at home. She became interested in learning about child and dog dynamics after feeling unprepared when welcoming her first child. Elysia completed the Family Paws Parent Education program and is now passionate about helping other parents support their dogs during the transition of adding a baby to their family.

With a background in education, Elysia works with parents of children of all ages to create safe and comfortable bonds between kids and dogs. She is dedicated to supporting parents at any stage of their parenting journey.

Elysia is a CPDT-KA certified trainer, a Family Paws Parent Educator, a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance and supporting member of the IABCC

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Maximize harmony through knowledgeable training support.

we go beyond basic obedience and tricks. We are truly passionate about teaching you how to understand and communicate with your dog, fostering a deep connection.

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“I took a dogs and baby/toddler course when I was first pregnant with Elysia. I learned so much about dog body language and behaviour. This helped me prepare the meeting of my dog and baby so that they had a good relationship from the start. I focused on training my little one with the information from Elysia how to behave around dogs, especially his own dog. My dog not only tolerated him but they became very good friends. With an extremely unfortunate accident I lost my dog tragically. Since my son loved his dog so much, we adopted a 6 month old puppy shortly after.

Again, I used the information from Elysia to ensure that their relationship was safe and loving. My puppy and toddler are truly the best of friends. I feel very confident going forward that I have the tools learned from this course to continue having a safe and loving relationship forever. I have since added a newborn to the mix and the relationship has already started off on the right foot/paw, thanks to the course I took. I can't say enough great things about Elysia and the course she teaches”

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Amy & Bella & Archie

Mixed & Aussie Shepherd

"Elysia has been a great help and resource for us when I felt like I needed help understanding our new dog last year. Being a big dog (German Shepard/Great Dane), I was afraid I wouldn't be strong enough to be able to control him if the situation arose. She helped me understand how he learns and helped us learn positive habits that ended up making walks enjoyable instead of something to worry about. I loved working with Elysia and the believe her advice was an invaluable part of life with our new dog!"

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Dawn & Ace


"Elysia is excellent, lots of great tips and very patient. Answered all my questions well, has great experience and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend Elysia to anyone who is making the transition to becoming an parent! We knew right away that it'd be a good fit and I have nothing but good things to say except good things for Elysia and the Team and pawsitive families"

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Zach & Dani

Golden Retriever
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